Sunday, May 20, 2018

Harem Royal

I just came across a jewellery design house called Harem Royal, and wanted to share some of their work with you. The richness of the colours is so amazing, and softens the sharp lines and somewhat mechanical nature of the pieces. The style makes me think of steampunk insects, beautiful yet dangerous. What inspiring work! It is so refreshing to come across artists whose style is so vastly different from my own - it reminds me that this world is filled with so many talented people, and so many beautiful things. 

Happy Sunday everybody!

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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Why we love spring!

We love spring here at Jewel Envy....

Flowers are in full bloom, butterflies are flying and new jewellery collections also come to life after a long winter and the mad rush of the year end and valentine's day! Inspiration from mother nature is shining all around us, and in Toronto, it is also the time gloves, scarves and hats come off at last and your jewellery and maybe a bit of skin can be revealed.

Spring is the time of weddings, parties and patio lounging, and today is also mother's day!

Happy Mother's day top all the wonderful mums out there!

Flowers are wonderful but jewellery last forever.... why not get her or treat yourself today to some new pieces of jewellery

There is still time to come and check them out in person....I will be at the studio today until 6pm!


Sunday, May 6, 2018

Mother's Day is next weekend~!

Before our classes would run as frequently as they do here now at Jewel Envy the goldsmiths would invite our moms to the studio for a creative day of jewellery making. A day to bond and be creative together and take on the roll of teaching our moms a thing or two ;o)
Alexis Kostuk (me), Rhonda Kostuk (my mom!) Marusha Kostuk (my sister :oP)
As the studio has evolved we have reserved the day to teach other people's moms... if you're searching for an experience you know your mom will love go here to sign up for a 1/2 day class on Mother's Day. - Alexis