Sunday, October 23, 2016

Artist Spotlight Long Gao

We are very happy to welcome a new goldsmith to the Jewel Envy "crew"!

Welcome to talented Long Gao!

Long was born in Beijing, raised in Vancouver and educated in Toronto where he majored from OCAD with an Industrial Design and double minor on sculpture and as well as Jewellery Design and Goldsmith.

Most of Long pieces are amazingly intricate and unique expressing an emotion and reflect his life experiences.

You can check more of his work at:

 Working hard at the bench today, creating really cute rings!

Saturday, October 22, 2016


Recently I've been obsessed with all the great work that has been featured in MADE London Design and Crafts Fair. Last week while scrolling through my Instagram feed, I stumbled across a piece by Victoria Walker who is currently showing her work there. Victoria makes mind blowing fine kinetic jewellery inspired by nature. My favorite is her Peony Locket. Hand made in 18ct yellow gold and 9ct rose gold, it has a total of 34 individually hand pierced petals that open and close.

You can find more about her work on her website here:

I would also highly encourage you to check out all the great work in the MADE London Design and Crafts Fair here:

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Artist Spotlight on Zef of Radi Brothers Jewelry!

Zef is our featured resident goldsmith this week!

Zef is one half of Radi Brothers Jewelry, growing up in a jewelry family and learning from his father, a filigree master. He is inspired by nature, with birth and energy being strong symbols in his work. Filigree is a technique used since ancient times to create intricate patterns with wire. Below are some examples of Zef's intricate work.


Saturday, October 15, 2016

oh, rats!

This morning while sweeping the studio I came across studio mate's Micheline missing glasses, fired up the kiln, and after adding inventory sat down to do some internet reading.

Glasses found! pic of me wearing Mish's glasses. Damn girl, you blind!
I was catching up on the latest blogess and went off on a google search tangent for taxidermy in Toronto...

You guys......

There is a Taxidermy class available in which you can create your own anthropomorphically posed rat.
photo of Ankixa Risk's work

The teacher, Ankixa Risk teaches around various locations and even creates taxidermy jewellery:
Ankixa's taxidermy jewellery, click the picture to check out her instagram!

What better month to track down wonderfully weird handcrafted items. And if you're a keener like me you will be obsessing about how you would like to pose and dress your soon to be rat after signing up for a class! -Alexis

More of Ankixa's work.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Today a friend of Jewel Envy who repairs watches came in with a vintage watch housing that needed to get soldered .

It was made from brass with a heavy layer of rose gold plating,
and a piece of sentimental value.

Soldering went better than expected and after a good polish the watch looked really pretious.

And an interesting and challenging experience for me.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Spotlight on Haydee

Hello Readers!

Today I want to talk about Haydee's work as it calls out for attention. She focuses on scale and I picture her pieces as perfect for runway shows and cocktail parties as they are show-stoppers. Just look at the scale of this citrine ring and image every time you wore it how much attention it and you would receive! Pair this will a simple monochromatic outfit and I guarantee everyone will be commenting on your fabulous taste and secretly thinking they wish they had the guts to wear such an unusual piece.

All of her work is one of a kind so you can feel secure in knowing once you buy no one is going to show up with the same piece and you will always own the one and only piece of its kind from her.

If you are drooling over this look, come down to the shop and try her pieces on to find the right one for you!


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Show time forTammy MacClennan

Hello Readers!

Our AMAZINGLY talented metal smith Tammy MacClennan  is having three on going exhibitions around this time.  I am happy to share her exhibition information and her gorgeous works here.

1.  Craft Ontario :   Materialize
     Art Gallery of Burlington : SEP 23 - NOV 28
                                                             Component Necklace #2

2.  Carmichael Canadian Landscape Exhibition :  Tradition Transformed
     Orillia Museum of Art & History : SEP 29 - NOV 12
                                                       Spoon for Returning Baby Bird to Nest

3.  Headwaters Arts Festival
     Alton Mill Arts Center :  SEP 26 - OCT 10
                                                                 Tomatoes , Halved